It is a relationship in which it is fine to say absolutely anything you need to, without fear of judgment, offending someone, or maintaining a reputation. We are all about understanding, connecting the dots of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and history in the most comfortable and even fascinating way possible. This way, you can look forward to seeing and understanding yourself and your relationships in new ways, with new choices, strengths, and possibilities. And I will help make it feel like a good conversation, one you look forward to continuing next session.

As an experienced therapist, I integrate several approaches to best meet your particular needs. I am described by patients as relaxed but serious, open, and able to make it easier to talk about the difficult details. People who have had unsatisfying experiences in therapy before have commented that I’ve made it much more comfortable and collaborative. I’ll join you in working on both solving the problems of daily life, finding room for comfort and creativity, and, if you wish, exploring dreams and the bigger patterns of your personality. I’ll help make therapy a different and positive kind of relationship, in which you can focus on things you need to express to someone other than friends and family.

Why Should You See Me?

I offer psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness and humanistic approaches to help individuals and couples of all ages who are seeking help and change. I am experienced with relationship conflict, self-image, transition, destructive habits and thinking, developing confidence and creativity, coping with chronic pain and illness, and all forms of depression and anxiety.

Not Sure If Therapy Is For You?

Let’s just talk. Whatever stereotypes you’ve experienced about psychotherapy, analysis, counseling, etc, it really just comes down to two people having a focused, private dialogue. As long as there is respect and curiosity, something new will be learned and achieved. And in no other relationship in life can you feel quite so free to say whatever needs to be said. You will never have to fear that some relationship, some project, or your business reputation, will be ruined by the honesty. This is what therapy is about. There is, truly, nowhere else on earth where you can speak so freely to someone who is seriously listening.

Session Availability

I am available on short notice during the current Covid-19 crisis with online teletherapy. Normally, I am available during the week and on Saturday. Please contact me for details and make an appointment.

Session Location

I am available online most days and in the office only on certain days. I have an office in Huntington Village (Suffolk County), New York. Online teletherapy is always an option for anyone who does not want to travel, or prefers not to meet in-person for any reason.