My fees are reasonable, and flexible if there is financial need. If you are paying out of pocket, and we do not have to make special financial arrangements – which I am willing to do (see below), then your self-pay fee will be $300 for the initial intake visit, and $240 for each session thereafter. Your fee may be determined on a sliding scale, based on both your income and your current financial obstacles. I was once offered a fee that I could afford, as I had just graduated from college at the time, and working many small jobs in order to make a living. This therapist, who was influential on my choice to become a psychologist so many years ago, told me that therapy should not be a luxury item, and that people should other options than to be assigned a beginner-trainee, or a therapist not of their choosing, by going to the only place where low-cost therapy is typically available – namely, mental health clinics. She taught me something that all of us should consider – that mental health services, all the ways we can help make more fulfilling and less tormented, should be available privately to as many people as possible. So, while this is my career, and I rely on fees in order to make a living, I offer reduced fees to as many people as can. I accept credit cards, and I am happy to complete insurance forms for your reimbursement. My staff will even submit documentation to insurance for you, if you wish. I offer a brief consultation by phone without charge so that you can feel comfortable with your decision to make a first appointment. I will try not to allow cost to be too much of an obstacle to beginning therapy.