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Property, Ownership, & The Dawn of Everything

In this episode Joe pops the question of how to best understand the idea of ownership; who can say that they actually own what? Since when? On what terms? What is it that really drives the “liberal guilt” and conservative contempt in society? And is the notion of ownership a sign of our failure to acknowledge and repair the basic empathic failures at the heart of a capitalist world?

The Dawn of everything
Lacanian ethics and the super ego
Parable: The Emperor Has No Clothes | by Mattimore Cronin | Medium

The Dreamers

In this episode, Dan asks whether Homo Sapiens could in fact be better understood as Homo Oneiros, or The Dreaming People? Dreams fill our art and entertainment, our museums, the shows we watch, and our search for truth in science and psychology. We sleep a third of our lifetime, and entertain visionary ideas and imaginatory explorations for much of the remaining two. What if dreaming is the biggest deal of all?

Bion’s theory of dreaming by James Grotstein
Frank Wilczek on complementarity in Science
Crick, F., Mitchison, G. The function of dream sleep. Nature 304, 111–114 (1983)

Convergence: Faces, Spaces, Places

In this episode the Real it in crew is visited by Adam Shechter, a practicing psychoanalyst working out of New York. We talk about areas of convergence between physical places; stoops, cafés, Capitol Hill, and stand up comedy arenas, and the psychical avenues these excursions awaken within, across and between us. We speculate on what the attackers of the capitol hill was really ’searching’ for, and reaffirm the ethical imperative that is found in the friendly face of the other.

Emmanuel Levinas and the Face-To-Face Relation
Jerry Seinfeld – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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