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If You Can Be You, Maybe I Can Be Me

Episode 1: “If You Can Be You, Maybe I Can Be Me”

In this episode, Martin, Dan and Joe share a tale involving a psychoanalyst-war-veteran reciting Milton’s Paradise lost at a glamorous garden party, as remembered by a psychoanalytic mystic of the following generation. This led to Dan’s writing his book and from there meeting Martin. It is a collective musing on the power of making bids for connection to one another, paying it forward where it matters and, on how a little can go a long way in life. If you can be you, then maybe I can be me?

“Faith” by Michael Eigen
Freud’s Lost Chord: Discovering Jazz in the Resonant Psyche
Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Inner Light”

What Happens When Things Get Too Real?

Episode 3: Martin tells a horrifying story, of how a pitch perfect Swedish summer night, within two minutes turned upside down. How one footbridge in Stockholm became a mini-war-zone. The group addresses the trauma of the Real from a metaphysical and existential perspective. How should one approach the fact that sometimes shit happens to us, the world we inhabit changes and perhaps we do, as well?

Jacques Lacan and the three orders
Netflix “Fightworld”
“Your body keeps the score” by Bassel Van Der Kolk

Was The US AFGHANISTAN Exit A Failure?

Afghanistan | The Fallacy of The Argument Itself

An anti-imperialist perspective of the War in Afghanistan, the US retreat, and the subsequent national dialogue. Also, how does the psychology of vengeance, nationalism, and fear factor into the past 20 years of US foreign policy?

The Sound of Trust

How can we feel, think and talk about trust by way of music? In this episode Real It In explores how music can forge connection, belonging and identification between and across sentient beings.

3 Guys Talk Boxing, Trauma, and Starting Over

Episode 2: “The Pivot, or Invincible Summer”

Dan tells the inside story of boxer Wladimir Klitschko’s rise, professional demise and transformation/rebirth after which he came to dominate heavyweight boxing for the next decade. The group reflects around what it takes to be able to navigate and survive one’s trauma, and start fresh.

Wladimir Klitschko vs Samuel Peter (2005)
Wilfred Bion’s thoughts about Alpha Function
Keats’ concept of negative capability

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